Triple Rectifier and Randall RH300

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Triple Rectifier and Randall RH300

Post by Anastasiab » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:01 pm

Hey guys!
I had a friend over the other night who brought over his guitar. I have two triple recs, which I have had hooked up to my Randall rh300 cab with no issues. The cab is 300watts rms. 400watts peak power. I was in the kitchen and My buddy ran 8ohm from the triple rec 150 solo amp into a 4ohm mono jack on the cab, and he says he had only in standby mode. 10-15 min after he hooked everything up as described above, a sizzle humming sound filled the air and not a minute after that the dreaded smell of burning electronics. He doesn’t understand why this happened and my opinion is different then his, needless to say. Could anyone offer any reasons as to why this sizzle and smell would have filled the air that night?? Your responses are greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Triple Rectifier and Randall RH300

Post by domct203 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 7:20 pm

If it was only in standby the speakers should have nothing to do with this. 4 ohms off of the 8 ohm tap, while not ideal, would not hurt the amp if played that way either.

Perhaps your buddy used an instrument cable instead of a speaker cable and did not have the amp in standby?

Did the fuse blow?

Regardless, sounds like it’s time for a visit to an amp tech.

Could be a number of things, a good tech should be able to narrow down the cause.

Good luck!

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