EFX12 - using insert with mic issue

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EFX12 - using insert with mic issue

Post by johntimber » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:03 am


Strange problem - I have a Soundcraft EFX12, it’s pretty new and hasn’t given me any problems until now. I’m hoping it’s just ‘operator error’, but when I try and use a channel with a microphone (either an SM57 or AT 2030) and insert cable (running to an FX loop with various Moog pedals etc), I get almost no level on the mic - it’s like it’s running it pre-everything into the pedals. If I crank the gain up to almost full I get a small amount of signal but with nasty distortion.If I remove the insert, the channel behaves as normal. If I use a line input with the insert, that also works as expected. I can’t work it out. It’s my understanding that an insert is post gain but pre fader/eq on these and pretty much all desks, so I just can’t see how I’m not getting a normal level.I’ve tried various channels and get the same thing.Any ideas?

Please help.

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