[HELP] Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp + Lexicon Alpha

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[HELP] Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp + Lexicon Alpha

Post by kurko1992 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:17 am

Hi guys, hope someone here can help me a little bit.

I just bought a Lexicon Alpha, i have Crest 4801 PowerAmp + MESA/Boogie Studio Preamp + MESA/Boogie 2x12 Horizontal Rectifier, i just want to record myself playing, not to do an Studio Album, so the guy in the store told me that i can conect a mic on the Lexicon and recorde my self play and i can also connect the Preamp to the lexicon and in that case i will hace "Stereo Sound" and not mono....

In the preamp on the back i saw: SIGNAL OUTPUTS "MAIN" & "RECORDING", when i play, i connect the MAIN to the Crest poweramp, and now i don't know if i want to record, where i need to connect :D

some pictures for you:
This is the Audio Card (Lexicon Alpha)

This is the preamp from the back (the black cable is the one that i used untill now when i play, the other one is the whan i want to connect to record directly to the PC with the lexicon)

and this in one picture from the front, you can se the mic that i connected to the Lexicon directly and on the left side (i took the picture before) i supposedly need to connect the preamp

Thanks in advance for the help :D
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