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Just got a Lava van Den Hul cable. Massively impressed.
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Author:  GJgo [ Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:04 am ]
Post subject:  Just got a Lava van Den Hul cable. Massively impressed.

So who has tried these? I just A/B/C tested this Lava Van Den Hul cable against the other, decent instrument cables I had around & my mind is blown! Just like in anything high end, getting that last 10% is going to cost you a lot more $$- and I think this is it.

I've been playing Planet Waves American Stage series cables lately, which I think are pretty decent, right? Well picture this. Sound wise, the first thing I noticed with the Lava is that I had to back my treble / presence off. There was all the sudden a whole new high frequency present that simply didn't exist before, and I was jacking up the highs on the amp to make up for it. It's as though I was looking at a rainbow that was red, orange, yellow, green & blue- and purple was just missing. Plug in this VDH and all the sudden bam- there's purple.

Then there's my favorite part about it. The touch sensitivity of this Lava BLOWS AWAY my mid-pack cables I've been using. It's like going from a Mark IIB to a IIC+ by changing cables. That's a real hidden gem that may or may not come through to the listener, but to the player really feels like you just jumped into a 3D scene. Last night I was playing it through my Mark III, cannot wait to have some time to plug this into my JP-2C!

Anyway I'm thoroughly impressed. The price tag is steep but now that I've played it it'll be real hard to not. No way I would record with the standard stuff. Maybe keep the old cables for outdoor gigs. :P I'm going to pick one up for my speaker cable ASAP.

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