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Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:24 am
by bandit2013
I posted a link below. This recording is a composition. I started with the acoustic track first : Martin 12 string recorded with RODE NT1-a. Second track was the bass (Ibenez 6 string crossover). I ran two microphones for the bass track (Rode NT1A and EV RE320) The next layer was the electronic drum Roland TD-15KV. Felt that something was missing so I added another drum track (bongos with some Japanese drums for accent). Then the last two tracks for the electric guitar. Normally I would use either the Roadster, RA100, or Mark V for the rhythm and lead. However since it got late in the evening I opted for the next best thinig: GT100 configured as a Rectifier vintage voice. It actually does a great job emulating the Roadster ( I did a side by side comparison of the GT100 though the powered speakers and the Roadster thought the Mesa 412 cab, sounds really close and hard to tell the difference). Too bad I cannot post the video I did of this composure (posted on Facebook) but the sound track link is below. Tell me what you think.... Note: I am a beginner drummer (played for at least 5 months now).

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD - video

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:20 pm
by bandit2013
I was able to copy the facebook link in another forum and I will attempt to do so here. ... =2&theater

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:22 pm
by soundchaser59
Did you use a click track? I really like the sounds you use, but the timing sounds unsteady. My impression from listening to hundreds of home made recordings over the years is that tiny flaws in timing, unsteady tempo, and small imperfections in synchronization are the first things that get noticed. That is the one area that most easily lets listeners distinguish a home made recording from a professional production.

I like the concept, the ideas, the tones, the levels seem to blend well, you use the sounds and the mix to nice effect.

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:26 am
by bandit2013
I am not sure what a click track is. Thank you for the critique. Much more work is needed, more practice and more time will be required to actually create something that is tight and not as loose. The lack of precision is due to my drumming skills (started playing the drums in March of this year), plus the fact I only record one instrument at a time so there will be some timing errors. The primary track was recorded with the 12string Martin, then I added the primary drum track, thought a different drum sound was needed hence the bongos and Japanese drums. Then I added the bass followed by the two guitar tracks. I did attempt to practice for 20 minutes before committing to recording. For one person performing all of the instruments it is not all that bad. I am getting better at it but there will always be imperfections. If you had a chance to view the facebook video (may take a little time to load) you can see what I was up against. I did not add video of the bass as there were missed frames on that portion of the tape. Most of the time, my project is made out of one idea and the rest is added to see how it would turn out. I am not trying to go pro or anything like that, just for fun.

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:21 am
by barfly
Hi Bandit2013,

My thoughts:

It's an interesting song but I also thought the timing to be off...? Something sounds a hair awkward here and there.

Also, I expected at some point, because it sounds to me more like a section that would lead into a song, that it would break out of what you were playing and into some kind of band/groove or build up into something aggressive since the song is so dreamy (nice). I also think it would make a cool breakdown after an intense guitar solo section.

Having said that, it is pretty cool and you got some cool tones going on. Very nice. It's cool that your playing everything It sounds really good overall. I hope my thoughts on it don't bum you out, I don't mean it to.

A click track is just a simple track that you'd listen to as you record that is just a click of say quarter, 8th or whatever notes.. you set the beats per minute (tempo) and you try and lock in your playing with that. It's still tough to be right on with just a click until you get real used to it, lol. As a bass buddy told me once, there's still plenty of wiggle room in there to "F" up.

I used to play in a band with rick derringer's drummer many, many years ago and he used some sort of optical click thing live. It would flash a light representing the tempo for him to lock in with. it worked but I think a track is the way to go for recording. Keep writing!

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:24 pm
by bandit2013
I though of doing something like that but was not sure of the terminology.

Hey I am not offended by any comments, even if you did not like it at all. Yes, the timing will be off on everything.

I think one of my favorite recordings I did a few weeks before the one I posted is linked below. ... omorrowwav

Re: Recent instrumental recorded on Tascam DP-32SD

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:41 pm
by bandit2013
Perhaps the recordings would sound much better if I had some practice time in with the actual intent of what it was I was attempting to do.

I will usually get an idea of what I believe may sound ok, and want to turn it into something.

Playing guitar and other instruments just for fun I suppose. When I was in a band some 25 years ago our intentions were serious and admirable. Then again once reality set in, the other job made more sense. It was more fun to play with a group than by one's self. However, It least I can enjoy it and listening to the good and bad of what I created.

I will agree with all comments thus far...

Thank you all for commenting. I really appreciated them.