Foucusrite Clarett Thunderbolt Audio interfaces Anyone?????

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Foucusrite Clarett Thunderbolt Audio interfaces Anyone?????

Post by surferdeac » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:58 pm

Hello out there In music land. Its been a while since i've posted on the boogie board, but i figured it was time to do so. Was wondering if anybody has had any first hand experience with using the New Focusrite Clarett THUNDERBOLT audio interfaces in their home recording studio setups.

I purchased a new computer this past summer (Mac Book PRO) , SOUped up 15 inch running on yosemity 10.10.4 2.8 ghz 16 gigs of ram Thunderbolt connectivity hubs etc.
and my old audio interface (mbox 2 digidesign) just will not work with it.

my old home studio setup consisted of the USB m-box 2 on a 2007 2.3 GHZ power pc Mac running pro tools 7.4 LE think it was tiger and I had 8 gigs of ECC Ram on it.

Since my M-box 2 will not work on my new computer i have really been thinking hard about getting a new audio interface to take advantage of all the new recording possibillities I would Have If i were to utilize my new Mac book pro and a new Audio interface Thunderbolt capability

Does anybody think That the Clarett Thunderbolt Audio interface would be a good choice compared to the other thunderbolt audio interfaces out there on the market currently to use with my mac book pro and possibly either pro tools 11 or 12 ???????????

I've been waiting for some time now to upgrade my home recording setup. I wanted to wait for the thunderbolt connectivity option from audio interface to pc and that option is finally her for me

Thank you very much - For any addition insight on this topic

Im super stoked that the thunderbolt audio interfaces are starting to catch on ___ LOW Latency is our Friend 8) 8) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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