Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Help!

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Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Help!

Post by easymac187 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:48 pm

I recently just got one of these bad boys for recording at home through my amps.
I have two problems/questions so far.

1. How should everything be set up as far as recording goes through my interface? So far I my guitar > amp > cab clone > 3 pin mic cable to my interface > GarageBand. and I'm not hearing a single thing. Just a very faint staticky noise from my guitar when I turn the volume up.

2. When I plug in headphones in the back of the cab clone I can't hear a single thing, but when I barely pull the cable out I can hear the signal clearly through only my left headphone.

If anybody could give me some solid advice I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm sorta new to the whole thing so I'm still learning. Thank you.


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