Sit/ stand desks

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Sit/ stand desks

Post by Theonlyway » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:58 pm

Hey all, was curious to why I don't see many use stand up or height adjustable desks versus sitting. I recently ordered a height adjustable base (legs) and having a local carpenter build me a top out of reclaimed barn wood. I injured my back and neck in the service so sitting too long affects pain level. After a couple years of searching and hoping a company would come out with a recording desk that would be height adjustable, I just couldn't wait any longer.

Does any one here use a stand up desk for recording, playing, etc. ? Was trying to get some ideas for setting up mine. My current plan is to have a 72x36 desk, and instead of a slide out computer keyboard tray, I'm going to have a drawer/tray that will accommodate my native instruments s61 keyboard so I don't have to take up much of the desk top. The adjustable legs can hold around 400lbs and it has a small electric motor to lift and lower.

I hope to see some setups with these desks and hopefully give some ideas to others who have back and neck issues.
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Re: Sit/ stand desks

Post by bjorn218 » Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:25 pm

Sorry, never even thought about anything like this as I am not in a situation where sitting causes me pain like it does you.

My only thought on the matter is set the desk up to how it works well with your workflow. Make sure the monitors are in a direct line with your ear as they would be in a lower desk. Please post pictures once you get this built as I would like to see your set up. This may be something to look into for the rehearsal room as bending over to hit record can be a pain sometimes as I have noticed some stuff I can only play well standing, and stooping over kills a groove.

Voice activated DAW would be good in this scenario.
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