New guy, looking for some guidance

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New guy, looking for some guidance

Post by tarheel74 » Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:30 pm

Hello all,
I plan on (hopefully) starting to home-record early in the new year. I have the following gear-

-ESP/LTD 400 EC, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Rackmount, Peavey 5150, and a Weber MASS 150 (wedding gift).

-Ampeg SVP Pro preamp and MusicMan knock off bass, which I’ll use to record direct.

-I also have a Mackie Onyx 400-F; what are some good ways to use this?

I’ve played in bands (punk, hardcore, etc), and I’ve been recorded before, but I’ve never done it myself. I’m pretty sure I want to get one of the Zoom HD series or Boss BR seriesh recorders; they look fairly flexible and simple (I have a K-I-S-S attitude towards things).
My questions are-
-Silent recording is pretty much my only option right now (kids, neighbors). Considering the guitar sound options on the HD and BR recorders, should I get a cab simulator of some kind, or would it be worth it to experiment between my amps (which I LOVE)- thru the Weber-into the recorder and use one of the preamp settings and see what I can get before I spend more (unfortunately, money IS an object)? As I understand it, the settings include cabs, and can be tweeked? If I need to get a cab sim, would something like the Behringer model, or the HK Red Box work? I’ve also seen some things by Digitech that include cab sims? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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