DI recording Using Dual Recto

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DI recording Using Dual Recto

Post by jet » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:04 am

Hi all

Just signed up to this forum and wanted to know the best way to record using my Dual Recto. What i have in the way of equipment (to record) is a digi 002 desk running protools le a, TC electronics G major, pair of Genelec speakers.

I have Amplitude and have been using that a bit through my 002 but havent been happy with the sound. I need buy a DI box so if someone could help me out with advice on the di box and how i should go about setting up the equipment.

Can i use the slave out on my recto straight into my mixing desk? or is there any other out that i could use from the head to the desk to be able to record. If i am using the Gmajor, would that help in any way to get a signal into my desk to record with?

The sound engineering side of things really confuses me a bit with (+4db, -10db) im not sure if i need to be matching things or reducing signal,etc.

I have an electric with passive pickups and a Maton messiah that has a built-in pre and would like to be able to record both guitars into protools.

Any advice on other equipment that anyone thinks i might need to be able to record without miking would be greatly appreciated.


Post by dean69 » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:24 am


you don't need a DI box to record, just get out from the amp into the recording device (mixer, soundcard, a-dat, or whatever)

start with a clean sound first to level the volume in. clean sound because when its distorting you know the volume is too high.

anyway, i know this DI sound will not satisfy you, its absolutey different from the speaker sound. get yourself some nice mic like sm57 or so for the start. in combination with the tc g major you will produce immediately great sounds.

either plug (slave) the g-major in the amp and record the generated sound or mic the pure amp and add the sound after the mic.

so far so good so what - experiment a bit with your settings to see how it works and sounds well to you

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Post by wmandp » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:30 am

This is what I use for my direct recording:


It has a load box in it to absorb the heat from the amp, and just sends the signal to ur pro tools box (i use the mbox2). You can use the slave out from your amp, but if you don't have a cab or load box connected to ur amp, or your amp will get fried.

Sounds a lot different than a mic'd cab... not as much sustain or as sharp, but it still sounds pretty badass. Its nice for silent recording when the roomies are sleeping. You can also use the digi box while using a cab and bypass the load box. So you could have ur cab howling and send a clean signal to a mixer or pro tools or whatever without having to mess with mics.

Otherwise... its fun to experiment with the digi box, the slave, and a mic... blending the 3 in different ways.

Its an expensive little bugger though... $600. Maybe there are cheaper ones you can find. Anyways, good luck.


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