recording multifx unit via firewire??!!

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recording multifx unit via firewire??!!

Post by bsideexperiment » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:27 pm

I was hoping some of you recording knowledged gurus could guide a newbie along.

I'm looking to buy a multifx pedal (boss-gt8, podxtlive). i'd use it strictly for recording. I own a g major, bogner, dual rec, slo-100, but i've recently moved into an apartment and can't mic to record any longer. I've had some experience trying to record via usb and was totally turned off by the amount of latency it produced. It's not horrible but it boggles my mind why no one has made a multifx pedal with firewire capabilities.

I have a new computer and have previously used a presonus firepod to record with nearly zero latency via firewire.

My question to you is there any way to use it via firewire?
I guess i'm asking whethere there is some way to connect the gt8 or pod xtlive to another recording interface such as a presonus firepod and if there are any benefits to doing that. My logic was to connect my guitar to the multifx unit and then to the firepod (using a guitar cord, usb?) and then to my computer via firewire?

Also if this was possible, would it improve the quality of sound recorded?

I'm dying for a solution. Even though i no longer can crank up my amps and record....the show must go on if you know what i'm saying lol. I just need to figure out a satisfying way to record in a digital world (something i'm still a total newbie at).

Help a brotha out! THANKS!!!

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Post by eltrain858 » Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:02 pm

see my response to your post in the effects section
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Post by dean69 » Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:16 pm

there is not a real big deal by recording in low volume conditions.

i own the podxt live also, but for direct recordings it actually sucks. the amps simulations and stomps are not really what has been tried to copy.

especially when you want to tape it, it sounds like the usual directline or slave out - maybe a touch better. and the settings are ergonimically horrible to adjust. but for live its quite ok and i like it for the foodswitch area.

for your conditions i suggest you get yourself some sensitive mics (condensor types with kidney or ball characteristics) first. for low volume settings the mics range should be available from low volumes. sm 57 etc are coming with higher volumes, not your neighbours choice.

the best is to build a small box where the mic is set in and covers the speaker area of your amp or even better covers amp and mics in one. no noise can come in and less gets out, means you can play at higher volumes. but make yourself comfortable to forget about feedback sounds.

level that in and if necessary equalise it. if you add the podxt then, here between mic and tape (mixer!), you can get some satisfactory results, even at low level, with a real tube amp sound. but still line6/podxt ...

for recordings and in the studio you want effects with a very high resolution, where you can adjust each parameter in various directions. most of the soundmines, guitar rack fx boards work more on kindergarten level to make it easy to use. but you own a tc g-major, that should give you already good results from the start!

with respect!

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