Mesa Engineering Nomad 100 Empress Para EQ

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Mesa Engineering Nomad 100 Empress Para EQ

Post by Reversewahwah » Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:20 pm

I just recently got this amp. I am very happy with it so far. I have noticed it has a lot of mid range. I am currently using my Nomad 100 as a Master amp. I slave out my stereo fx output into the Mesa's Nomad 100 fx return and send the Right signal into the front end of my Music Man HD150 amp. I use a TC Electronics Iron Curtain after the Mesa's Nomad 100 send. I plan to use an Empress Para EQ to sculpt the tone of the amp after the noise gate and a volume control. I used TC Electronics Nova Dual Modulator (Stereo) Eventide Pitch Factor (Stereo) TC Electronics Nova Delay (stereo), and BiYang Baby Boom Reverb (stereo). I have a NADY HE-1 hum eliminator to de-hum the output of the stereo fx. So far, I have been having a blast with this setup. Cabs are 1x12 Celestion G12M-75 and Emminence X1200 Soldano 1x12 speaker these are loaded in a pair of Seismic Luke cabs.
Now, I have been reading articles on likes and dis-likes about this amp. I have only seen one pro audio demo, where studio recording was done with a Maxon overdrive infront of the amp. I put a You Tube video with mic'd cab sound recently. I plan to do another with this Empress Para EQ I am getting. I am surprised no one has mentioned any use of parametric eq or any additional eq's used to fine tune the Nomad 100. Does anyone have any experience doing so with this amp. I have discovered there are mods for this amp. I am most interested in converting the fx loop to a serial fx loop in the future to use Synergy SYN-1 along with this amp to add various pre-amp channels in the future. My you tube channel is jrpowell3_music. I finally jammed with my drummer, the amp rig sounded great. My assessment is that additional mid range doesn't seem to be a problem. My bassist broke a leg, so no full band for a while. I will post again about this, when I finally get to use the Empress Para EQ. I feel this is a great solution to tweak the tone of this amp.
Update, I did finally pickup the Empress ParaEQ and it was a great choice, I was able to tame some of the mid-range and add the high frequencies I wanted as well as getting my bass fattened up with my 1x12 cabs. I plan to make a 2nd video about the Nomad 100 featuring the Empress Para EQ and showing how I fine tuned my sound to my liking.

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