Trying to go ampless?

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Trying to go ampless?

Post by BrentSSL » Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:59 am

So since I have seen some really cool rigs here on from super complex, to mid size, and very simple ones I have been trying to build a rig that is right for me. I also played bass for a short time and learned about all the modern conveniences bass players have over guitarists. Fact is I am jealous of bass players because if they are going to a show with a half decent PA and a direct BOX like a Sans amp they have no need to bring an amp or a cab. Bass players don't have to rely on tone as much as guitar players do they can plug into the PA and if they have good finger tone is decent and they have an active EQ in their Bass then that's the rig. Guitar Players we have pedals, cabs, heads, cable everywhere heck sometimes 2 heads one for just cleans and the other just for distortion.
So here is the thing I would like to build a rig that is simple in one compact pedal board size I play metal mostly and this is all assuming I have a decent PA to work with. Where to start I am thinking some sort of direct box cab sim along with a decent distortion preamp I would really like to find one that does not sound like a can of Bee buzz I would like to stay away from the digital stuff 11rack Fractle Kemper ect: and keep it around 600 dollars maybe 700 all thoughts and opinions welcome

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Re: Trying to go ampless?

Post by ned » Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:33 am

For years I gigged (80's cover band) with a GSP1101 into a Rocktron Rack Interface and a midi pedal. The Rack Interface was to make it easier to plug in XRL cables to the snake and it had a neat feature that allowed the wireless to be connected all the time and it cut out when the cable was plugged into the front.

All in a rack bag. Set up and tear down was < 2 minutes.

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