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Collecting old amps ok?
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Author:  BrentSSL [ Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Collecting old amps ok?

Ok so I am hopefully on my way to collecting some amps and Possibly starting a Stereo rig I own a Mark V and there is a Rev F dual rec I am going to be trying out before buying. I would like to start a possible amp collection With three what I feel a staples of the hard rock Metal sound a dual rec, 5150, and a DSL I do know someone who does great mod work on marshalls and Peavey's. Now as we all now some of these amps sound better with age like the whole block letter myth for 5150 or the 2 channel truth of a dual rectifier or getting a late 90's or early 2000's Marshall. How long will these older amps Last? Could I take a Rev F or C on tour without it blowing or are these becoming "studio amps" should they be left at home? How dependable is an older 5150 or Marshall should I be worried when buying older amps if they are at they're 200,000 mile mark? Also if i do get those amps do I still need the Mark V lol (still have that itch) Let me know what you think guys and please please please talk about other amps that you might feel are worth and not worth buying old obviuosly a Mark2c+ and a Soldano Slo are worth it but they're have to be other amps out there.

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