Update & Pedalboard Builds

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Update & Pedalboard Builds

Post by ned » Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:59 pm

Quick update. On December 18, 2020 I was laid off from IBM which kind of sucks especially at my age.

In order to generate some income I'm going to start doing pedalboard builds. You send me your stuff and I build out your pedalboard using high quality cabling (Mogami) and plugs (Switchcraft, etc) all nice and neat. Custom interface and buffers on request or where needed. For a simple board of 5-8 pedals mounted and wired with no interface or buffer about $325.00 + return shipping. I can also acquire what you want/need for additional price.

Just about finished a mini pedal EVH board (pre-1984) on a Nano+ with TrueTone CS6. Everything is new and just waiting on a couple more pieces. This will be for sale. Board will have PolyTune3 (buffer), Phase95, Flanger, Flashback 2 w/ EP3 TonePrint and distortion (Golden Brownie).

Let me know if I should build this on a larger board to allow for expansion.

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