Oct. 28th. FREE BEER, FOOD and CD in Milwaukee.

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Oct. 28th. FREE BEER, FOOD and CD in Milwaukee.

Post by fixman5150 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:19 pm

My band A Line Between is releasing our second CD this Friday at the Bay View Brew Haus in Milwaukee, WI. 9pm.
Its going to be a great show. We are a Hard Rock/Metal band. In honor of the event we are giving everyone a CD at the door.
We are also have free food and 2 free barrels of beer. (Brew Haus Pumkin Ale and Miller Lite)
Big Leaf Linden a great band (Black Crowsish/jammy rock band) will be playing with us.
Wear a costume for the contest.
Its $10, thats alot for that price. Come and here my Mesa Roadster roar. Our bass player also plays a Mesa Bass 400+
http://www.alinebetween.com or friend us on facebook

Its going to be a blast. If you come in, tell me about this post and I'll buy you a shot.

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