OPINIONS WANTED: NYC scene...(or lack of it)

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OPINIONS WANTED: NYC scene...(or lack of it)

Post by NJVenom » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:12 pm

Here's my opinion: It ain't what it once was, the closing of CBGB's was the last nail in the coffin. Some years back, I could rattle off 15 clubs that had local bands playing, and they were always making money. I went to see a friends band in July, and there was no hip street scene goin on at all...no rockers, punks, hippies, rastas, no chicks with mohawks, ripped jeans, patent leather boots, no street hustlers, pushers, artists, junkies, or poets...no sk8ters, bikers, vendors...the only thing that we seemed to notice was that the college boys/young men were quite docile, drinking their beers cordially in the bar, and the girls? well, they all had the DG/Versace/Dior thing goin' on, with their snappy sundresses, heels and designer bags...they all looked like they were on the set of "sex & the city" , or some similar chick flick!!! It was really sad...
The only real element of excitement/danger came when my lady and I were walking back to my truck. Some drunken f%&# came up behind me quick and made like he was tryin' to pull something ill. I told him to get the f%&# away from me, when his buddy came from across the street...Now, I ain't no street thug, but I stand 6'-2" and 210lbs. Let's just say it ended with him goin' down, pretty hard. His buddy ran off.
Please post opinions...or other interesting NYC stories...


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Post by Elpelotero » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:45 pm

At least you had a scene to speak of...Miami has nothing except wannabe rappers and poppy latin bands.
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