FS: Set of four Celestion G12P-80s (Same as 70/80)

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FS: Set of four Celestion G12P-80s (Same as 70/80)

Post by woodbutcher65 » Mon May 27, 2019 10:30 am

I just pulled a pristine set of Hartke labelled Celestion G12P-80s out of my Hartke 412A angled cabinet and replaced them with a set of broken in reissue Greenbacks.

So, these G12P-80s need a home.

I don't think they're bad sounding speakers. They just don't sound like Greenbacks. They're brighter sounding than Greenbacks and have less "cone crunch" coloration. I'd say that in general they're a more neutral sounding speaker and with an 80 watt rating, you'd have to be pretty mad to blow up a 4x12 cabinet loaded with them.

The condition of these speakers is just about as perfect as they can be. Absolutely no cone or frame damage of any kind. The metal frames are bright and clean with no tarnish or corrosion or rust. They look like they just came out of the box.

They had a little bit of settled dust on the lower halves of the cones but even that has been carefully cleaned off. The only evidence that they've ever been even taken out of their original boxes is that the lower half of the "sticky ring" part of the surround has dulled and become non-sticky from the accumulated dust.

My asking price for these speakers is 200 dollars plus shipping for all four. They can be shipped via USPS priority mail in a large flat rate box for about 17 dollars per speaker, if you want cheapest shipping. The speaker will fit in that box size but it won't leave room for any padding and so the possibility of shipping damage would be higher. I can put them in larger boxes and it'll cost more to ship but they'll arrive safe and well packed.

If you buy all four they can be packed into one larger box and packed in a way that guarantees they won't be damaged. I'm very experienced at packing things so that they won't be damaged. My ebay feedback rating is 933 and 100 percent positive.

If you don't want to buy all four then I want 60 dollars per speaker plus shipping costs.

They're in Florida in the Melbourne area if you want to come pick them up.

I will consider counteroffers.

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