FS: Dr. Z Remedy Surf Green & Dr. Z Backline 2x12 Red

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FS: Dr. Z Remedy Surf Green & Dr. Z Backline 2x12 Red

Post by John_not_Pet » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:23 am

Head is in Mint condition! No wear cosmetically except MAYBE (like, I can't see any) a mark or two left behind by some gaff tape that I had rolled up and put on the top front ledge to stick picks on. But since its gaff tape, I can't see any residue.

The amp has many hours of play time but not much travel time. That being said, I have only ever used it at my home, 2 church locations (1 of which it has stayed stationary for most of its life), 2 church camps (1 indoors, 1 outdoors), and 2 sets at the Kansas State Fair (traveled from Tulsa to Wichita in my lap). So it has no "Road Wear" on it.

It has been serviced ONCE by Bill Moede in Tulsa about 6 months ago. He just replaced the tubes (one had somehow gone out? idk much about tubes) and he did a thorough check-up on all the components, gave it a clean bill of health, and sent me on my merry way! (He even complimented the Docs work :D )

Cab has only ever been played at my church so it is in Excellent condition. It's loaded with a Celestion Creamback and a Celestion G12H30. 8ohms

$1600 + shipping For the Remedy http://rvrb.io/2016-remedy-s6v
$650 + shipping for the Cab http://rvrb.io/2016-2x12-backline-8bv

If you would like to buy both, PM me for pricing based on your location.
I also will do Local Pickup! I live in Tulsa, OK but frequently travel up through Joplin, Springfield, and Bolivar, MO. Also willing to drive anywhere within 100 miles of Tulsa!


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