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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:02 am 
Bottle Rocket
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I recently had a very bad experience with I want to share this because I think it's important to have all the information available to you. I was not provided with ALL the information and subsequently received a lube-less ass-raping from I shipped a Roadster to a guy who purchased it, it was damaged in transit by fedex. I worked to resolve the issue, thinking that I would be treated with fairness and my best interest protected. Boy was i wrong! The damaged shipment was received by the buyer, who was fully aware the amp was damaged. He was advised not to touch it or unpack it, and to take as many pictures as possible to submit with the claim. The buyer took a grand total of 3 (three) pictures! All 3 are fuzzy and unclear. The idiot then took the amp out of the packaging, threw away the packaging. And then he committed blasphemy and powered it on! It fried the amp, it's a loss! So, Reverb starts pressuring me to provide a refund, to which I refused because the buyer has liability. I probably would not hold the buyer liable if he was unaware of the damage to the amp. But this guy knew there was damage to the amp, but in his haste, he ignored my instructions! Reverb didn't care about what the buyer did to the amp and suggested he is not responsible for any damages, to which I couldn't disagree more. Finally, FedEx denied my claim, citing poor packaging led to damage. It didn't seem to matter that FedEx packaged the amp and provided all packaging and packing. I'm appealing this ridiculous denial. So Reverb decided last week, the buyer has waited 4 weeks for a refund, that's long enough, so they dipped into my checking account and took what they wanted. Now, I have no recourse to have the damages to my Roadster covered. AND I still don't have the amp back! No one seems to know where it is! I am dumbfounded! I am seeking criminal charges against Reverb for interstate wire transfer fraud! You can't just reach into someones bank account and take what you want, especially if there is an ongoing disagreement. But they did it So Sellers beware, if you have something listed on, and something go wrong, is going to hold you liable for everything and take money out your bank account as they see fit! These are facts, these are not my opinions. You are better off going with eBay and eBay alone. I was cautioned against using Reverb when I first started using the site. I was told I would get screwed by Reverb if I hung around long enough, well.....I guess I hung around long enough! I'll be taking my business to eBay and leaving Reverb to steal money from other people.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:45 am 
Single Recto
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mkcreel wrote:
Finally, FedEx denied my claim, citing poor packaging led to damage. It didn't seem to matter that FedEx packaged the amp and provided all packaging and packing.
This is standard operating procedure for FedEx. If they packed it for you and your receipt shows that you paid them to pack it, they are liable. They always assume the position they are not at fault and then make you prove otherwise.

If you have receipts showing you paid them to pack it, and receipts proving how much you paid for the amp, you will eventually prevail and get paid up to the amount of insurance you had on the amp, or the amount you paid for it, whichever is less.

Some people have had luck contacting police in the city where the buyer lives. I got lucky, I smelled a rat the first time I ever considered selling on Reverb, and I walked away very quickly.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:14 pm 
Mark I

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I've bought and sold about 30 items on Reverb, and have never had a problem. Other music-related forums I belong to like Reverb better than Ebay.

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