Blackstar HT5 and G-Flex 2X12 cab.

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Blackstar HT5 and G-Flex 2X12 cab.

Post by vitod » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:48 pm

LOCAL SALE of the G-Flex in NYC ONLY (11214).

Amp speaks for itself and I replace the power tube with a GE NOS. The G-Flex is an awesome sounding cab. I replace the stock speakers with Celestion CL80 and they sound incredible together. The amp has not moved from the day I placed it on the G-Flex, so it's mint. I'm selling them because I'm moving to a rack system.

Blackstar HT5....$275 shipped
G-Flex cab........$400 local sale (unless you pay shipping)

Take them both for $600 (local sale and cash)

PM me.

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