Mesa Boogie STR415 Green Label (6l6)

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Mesa Boogie STR415 Green Label (6l6)

Post by mkuster » Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:54 am

Hey Folks and Mesa Boogie Lovers,

I just got my first iic+ (DRGX) Head in Hardwood, this thing is freakin amazing!

Now I already got my first question. There are Mesa Boogie STR415 Green Label Power Tubes in it. Are these "renamed" Sylvania STR415 Tubes and are they as good as the Sylvania Tubes? Or are they something completely different?

I'm very sorry, if this Topic has already been discussed, I'm a tube newby. On various forums incl. Boogie Board, there are a couple Tubes they recommend.

1. Sylvania STR415
2. SED winged C

Thank you guys for your help,

PS: I'm working on to load up a Picture of the amp, haven't found the right way to do it...haha

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Re: Mesa Boogie STR415 Green Label (6l6)

Post by woodbutcher65 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:52 pm

It's just a label difference. Whether it says Sylvania STR 415, Philips ECG STR 415, or Mesa STR 415, they're exactly the same tubes off the exact same production line.

Mesa still has some stock of STR 415s if you really want to pay 250 bucks for a pair of matched tubes. Get the STR 440s, Mike Bendinelli thinks they're just about as good as the 415s and they're a LOT cheaper.

Don't toss your 415s without a good reason. They may have a lot of life left to them.

I've even heard of well used ones that are basically toast sell to tube collectors for enough to be worth the effort to sell them on ebay.

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