Pream Coctail for Mark V

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Pream Coctail for Mark V

Post by bandit2013 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:33 am

I have been tube rolling with my Mark V and found a combination that works for me. This time I decided not to care about the no signal hum or hiss associated with each channel (CH1 and CH3 seem to exhibit this and CH2 seems quite). Reason for tube roll, new power tubes.

Previously I was using the Mesa SPAX7 in V1 and the rest were stock Mesa 12AX7 tubes. I was fine with that for a while as it helped cut back on the ice.
This last tube roll, I did not care about the non-signal noise and only focused on the amplified signal. Sweet.
V1=Tung Sol 12ax7 (typical hiss or hum can be heard non-signal but did not care for this roll).
V2 = Mullard 12AX7 (Reissue long plate, emphasis on the mids for gooey tone and awesome punch for palm muting)
V3 = Mesa branded 12AX7
V4, V5 = JJ ECC803s (a bit different than the standard short plate 12AX7 JJ or Mesa tube, a bit less gain but this enhances the gain structure of CH3)
V6 = Mesa branded 12ax7
V7 = triode matched Sovtek LPS 12AX7 (this tube really works well for a PI tube, better if your amp is a full A/B but it does work quite well with the Mark V)

I generally use the CH2 crunch and CH3 mark-iv but will also explore mark I (CH2) and CH3 (all voices). CH1 I primarily use FAT with the bold switch on.

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