Tube advice for MESA Studio Preamp

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Tube advice for MESA Studio Preamp

Post by DaveShred86 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:04 am

Hello folks! still a newbie here...

Well just asking for tube preamps for my recently acquired (and now modded with bass shift and c++ mid gain) Mesa Studio Preamp. It still came with stock (1988 or so... :roll: ) tubes, I think it's a time for change, isn't it?

It came with old Mesa tubes and an unbranded one on V1 (need to check again).

I am looking to retube this beauty, thing is I already have JJ on my Marshall and they are wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too mid pushers, and I just want the contrary for my MESA. Scooped mids like Hell and Hetfield worship.

I have been thinking in Tung Sol for V1 and the rest MESA tubes, what do you think? I am looking for really tight bass response.
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