"Maniacal Homicidal Suicidal Friends of Mine"

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"Maniacal Homicidal Suicidal Friends of Mine"

Post by Markedman » Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:23 pm

Mark IV amp, 1968 Celestion Greenback speaker, Shure sm57 microphone, Steinberger GR4 guitar with a Tom Anderson H3+ pick-up in the bridge position. ZOOM LiveTrak L-12 recorder. Effects - Digitech whammy, PE Vibe Unit. The drummer and I wrote it today. Vocals to come. I think it's a keeper! Sadly, I've had more than a couple of maniacal, homicidal, suicides committed by close friends, two sang in bands with me and recently the guy working for me, so I suggested we write a disjointed song about the guy who worked for as he also jammed with us on harmonica this summer. We also played a few parties at his house in the past.

Mind Blown, Nucking Futs!!!!

https://soundcloud.com/john-bazzano-502 ... ds-of-mine
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stephen sawall
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Re: "Maniacal Homicidal Suicidal Friends of Mine"

Post by stephen sawall » Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:33 am

Volume is so low I can barely hear it with the volume max on my tablet.
The fact that Stephen appears from nowhere, is sentenced to death in an emotional public trial without anyone interfering at all and is then altogether forgotten as if nothing happened, is already suspicious.

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