Quad Preamp and Mark V

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Quad Preamp and Mark V

Post by Darth Bacelar » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:14 pm

Hello there! :mrgreen:

It's been ages since I posted something, but now I did something it may be interesting. Just a quick record, simple riffing and good ol' palm mute, using the power amp section of the Mark V and a Quad Pre. Cabinet is a Randall ISO cab, with V30. Mic is a Shure SM57; everything played with an ESP EX with 81/60, but I used only the 81.

Quad Pre is on the Lead 1 channel all the time, and Mark V is on channel 3 on the Mark IV and Extreme modes, 90w, using only pentode. In the end, I also record the same thing only with the Mark V, on the Mark IV and Extreme modes.

So it goes like this, from the beginning to the end: Quad + Mark V on IV, Quad + Mark V on Extreme, Mark V on IV, and Mark V on Extreme. I didn't touch anything from one track to another, so expect a difference of volume in the Extreme mode.


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