New to board looking for a tone

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New to board looking for a tone

Post by Chrose1201 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:06 am

Hello. After so many years of playing I am finally taking the plunge and ordered my first Mesa Boogie. I have ordered the Mark V 35. Should be here in 8ish weeks. Once I get it I will be searching for several tones from Gary Moore to Les Dudek to Clapton to Bebop Deluxe and everything between. I saw the sticky that pointed me to a page with many different tone settings. The only Mark amp on there was the IV which I think will be similar enough for much of that.
In the mean time does anyone have any thoughts on how to attain Crag Chaquico's tone on Runaway: (the solo itself starts at 3:30, but the video is worth watching too :) )

Thanks and I look forward to being a card carrying Boogie man...

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