Wrote an uplifting song [JP7/JP-2C/Axe-FX]

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Wrote an uplifting song [JP7/JP-2C/Axe-FX]

Post by dotonfire » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:30 pm

New song! This is an uplifting one about a civilization starting to explore.

I used my JP7 through a JP2C and Axe-FX Ultra for FX (mainly pre-distortion FX: compressor, drive, etc), into a recto 2x12, miced close with an SM57 into Firestudio mobile and then Logic. I used an Ibanez SR505 straight in for the bass, and of course Toontrack for the drums.

I'd love to hear your critisims on my mix or singing or mastering or writing or playing. Hope you enjoy!

Mesa JP-2C / Mark III Purple / Recto 2x12 Vertical
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