Remember The Days...?

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Remember The Days...?

Post by dodger916 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:20 am

...when tongues did the talkin'.

Click "play hi-fi" and scroll down for lyrics. Rhythm guitar recorded with Strat in to C+ lead channel (delay and reverb only), Lead Drive on 2. Very versatile amp! A good friend recorded three separate lead guitar tracks (never having heard the song) which I blended. I'm real happy with the horns (right channel).

ALL recording and mastering done on a Fostex MR16. No computers used at all, so it doesn't have the slick, no-warts appeal; raw and honest. ... D=13302237

Mk IIA->C+ DRGX head "Cold Sweat" in GTS shell
1966 Fender Pro Reverb
DC-3 head
Orange Dual Terror
EVM loaded Thiele; MS-12 1/2 back
71 SG; 72 Tele; 76 White Strat; 77 LP Custom; 81 Goldtop; 05 Am Dlx Strat; 11 G0 plaintop


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