Strategy Eight: 88 EQ Slider Question

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Strategy Eight: 88 EQ Slider Question

Post by Scott Rolf » Fri May 27, 2016 8:06 am

This is my first amp with a slider EQ.

Having said that, I just received my Strategy Eight: 88 last night and was only able to test it out at low volume with all eight tubes engaged.
I was getting used to the EQ function and noticed that the slider/s on the far right (last two) barely seemed to make any kind of difference in tone.
Can someone tell me how the frequencies are affected from left to right?
I'm assuming the EQ is basically controlling the Bass, Mid and Treble scoop/boost but don't understand why the slider farthest to the right barely (if at all) makes any discernible difference. Is this because I was at such a low volume?

Like I said, I'm new to slider EQ's.

Thank you

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