MPulse 600 with 2 Scout 1x12s, Lighter, but would this rock?

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MPulse 600 with 2 Scout 1x12s, Lighter, but would this rock?

Post by Bass4Life » Mon May 12, 2014 1:25 am

First post here. Hello All!

I have an MPulse 600 with a Diesel 1x15. I was considering adding a Powerhouse 2x10 to fill out the upper range and add more sound, but the Diesel 1x15 is already heavy enough. Besides doing some weight training on my rather old back I'm thinking any updating should reduce weight. Making multiple trips of lighter and less bulky boxes would reduce chance of messing up my back. Our drummer is now the only one that is comfortable helping carry these as I already had our guitarist get some pain in his back helping me carry the 1x15.

Forever (since Honky Tonk Women was a hit song) I've pretty much stayed with old school 15s and today I play a 5 string and appreciate good low end response. Going through the Mesa cabs online I pretty much gave up getting anything lighter, maybe the 2x10 was just a few pounds less. I then stopped to check out these Scout 1x12 and 1x15 cabs that I passed by on first look. Hmm... 300watt, small size Mesa, might be nice. This crazy idea came up to use two of these Scout 1x12s with my MPulse 600. We mostly play cover rock/motown at smaller events, wineries, weddings etc, often outdoors.

Before I put a local store through the trouble trying to round up a couple of these for me to try out I'm looking for some ideas here.
Since I'm used to a Diesel 15" would I miss much of the low end by going to 2 1x12s? I'm thinking these new cabinets might be sweet compared to my old cab.
Will two of these 300W scouts handle what the Mpulse 600 will dish out? I'm assuming that they split the power so would be ok.
Does anyone have experience running 2 1x12 Scouts? What's the sound like?
Other ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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