I'm thinking about getting a Mesa M9 Carbine...

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I'm thinking about getting a Mesa M9 Carbine...

Post by screamingdaisy » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:47 pm

I'm looking at getting back into bass again. I haven't had a lot of success either finding a band or putting a band together but it seems like there's always a shortage of decent bassists.

All I currently own is a Godin 4 string bass with passive P neck and J bridge pickups. I sold everything else back in 2005.

I'm looking for a versatile bass rig that'll cover everything from old rock to modern hard rock.

Most of the venues in my area are small to not-quite-midsize bars with minimal PA that typically carry little more than vocals, so I'd like something that can scale up from being a monitor to a full rig. I like the idea of the built in compressor since it'd eliminate the need for any outboard gear beyond a tuner.

I'm also debating between getting a 410 or a 2x12. I'm particularly interested in people's opinions on 12" bass speakers since they didn't really exist the last time I played bass.
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Re: I'm thinking about getting a Mesa M9 Carbine...

Post by BassPlayerMykk » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:53 pm

Although I haven't played one personally, over on the TB forum the M6 & M9 Carbine are the Mesa bass head of choice by many a player. I use a M-2000, and guys claim to like the M9 even better. I was in the Mesa Boogie Hollywood store this afternoon and saw the M9 sitting on a Mesa 8x10. I bet that combo is a monster. I also saw the 4x12 bass cab there too. I can't report on any tone and sounds, I don't believe in store demo tone opinions, I feel there is a "getting to know each other" time period between the player and the equipment. But I could imagine 12"s being a really nice in a bass cab setup.

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