1516B inputs

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1516B inputs

Post by Areola » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:28 am

I've owned a 1516b for some time now, and the inputs are all in a standard backplate like all the Rectifier cabs (and I presume most Mesa cabs, it's just that the only Mesa cabs i've owned is 3 different recto cabs).

The bassist from the band I managing decided to buy her own 1516b because they've been using mine for some time, because let's face it, they're the best bass cabs ever invented. However her inputs are considerably different. I haven't got a photo but there is a switch (unlike mine which has a dial for blending the 2 sections of the cab) and 2 separated inputs, both are standard speaker cable inputs. the one on the left has "low" written and the one on the right has "high".

Can anyone explain what the deal is with these inputs?
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