NPD - Line 6 Helix has landed......

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NPD - Line 6 Helix has landed......

Post by Joshwah333 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:46 pm

I haven't owned a processor in ages, but with my Mesa TC-50 having Midi capabilities, I couldn't resist. My Helix just landed today - I'm still at work an haven't even opened the box yet.

I'm looking to use this with the 4CM with my Mesa TC-50. I'm really looking forward to how I can set up the Helix using the 4CM and have effects running through the loop and in front while using the Mesa TC-50 tone. Also looking forward to how I can set it up to use the Mesa TC-50 tube power amp and use the Helix preamp tones.

So........Does anyone else have a Helix?

I'm open for suggestions on how to operate, setup, settings, any IR or patch downloads you might recommend.
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