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what to control with

Post by tomrip » Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:39 pm

hello, first of all, i apologize for any type os or grammar issues. i am typing with 1 thumb on my phone, and a bit tipsy. ok. i have a mesa boogie roadster. as of right now i am controlling it with a g system and a amp gizmo. i am now kind of wanting more options. this is what i would like, let me know if i am crazy, and no way to do it, or what i should look at. ok i have purchased some new pedals. I bought the strymon timeline, mobius and big sky. I bought a wampler ego comp pedal for cleans.i have a a boss ph3 pedal, a fuzz pedal hooked up through the 4 loops. so here are my main grips and issues with all my stuff. one i want to be able to hit button 1, and it go to channel one one my amp, enable the compressor in front of the amp and choose a bank and preset from the strymon pedals if needed. the g system cannot do this. it cant send all the midi signals to all 3 pedal, at least i dont think it can. one thing i love about hte g system is that i just have one big controller in front of me. i dont want pedals o nthe floor. i want them i na drawer rack mounted. i want expression pedal, controller and wah up front, and that is it. any suggestions?

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Re: what to control with

Post by chriselkjar » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:24 pm

Sounds to me like you need to purchase the G2 from thegigrig. It has an extension to move the floorboard out separately and then you can run the pedals remotely from a rack at the back of the stage.

It'll also let you control all the strymon pedals via midi so you can set up as many patches as you want and flip between all of the settings. They are an amazing piece of gear.

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