Inserting a DBX between TriAxis outputs and 2:Ninety inputs

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Inserting a DBX between TriAxis outputs and 2:Ninety inputs

Post by Cadavre » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:20 am

Moving my rig to a larger rack case. All the effects are analog All the effects are in the Fx loop. And, all with exception of one, have one (mono) input. All have stereo, or, A/B or Left/Right outputs.

The TriAxis send is patched to the input of an unpowered non-attenuated splitter. The splitter then routes the split send signal to the input jacks of 3 analog boxes:
1) Blackstar HT-Delay
2) BOSS CE 300 chorus
3) Dynacord CLS 222 Leslie simulator

The effects' (stereo) outputs are routed to the channel inputs of a passive 6 channel stereo mixer (2 channels for each effect). The mixer then sums the channels to the mixer's main (stereo) outputs. The mixer's 2 main outputs are then routed to the A/B return ports on the TriAxis.

After adding the Dynacord Leslie sim, a recording engineer was listening to some tracks that were recorded with USB (Snowball) microphones. When recorded SM 57's (through an AI), the 200 Hz "boom" was not as apparent. The rig's power went through two "household" UPS without "sine wave" conditioning. I have noticed some tone slippage, from time to time. Checked and rechecked the patch connects. Reviewed my technique (right hand muting) , through two of the Marshall rigs and a Line 6 in the studio, and no apparent low end "boom". (even raised the rarely used neck pickup closer to strings with hopes the pole magnets would dampen the "boom".

Ordered a rack mount UPS with a "pure sine" inverter.

Have read that a DBX is helpful, so ordered a stereo (dual channel) DBX w/noise gating. (bigger rack case!)

My plan is to insert the DBX, after the FX loop, between the A/B outputs of the TriAxis and the A/B inputs on the 2:Ninety.

Is that a an ok thing to do?

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