ART Tube MP and My Rectifier

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ART Tube MP and My Rectifier

Post by afu » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:30 am

I was trying out different things for my fuzz box tinkering and pulled out an old ART Tube MP mic preamp. Slaved into the effects loop, it offers a fairly neutral platform for voicing pedals and a super-clean clean. It also has a boost switch, so an op amp overdrive sound is available. I thought it was cool as something to goof around with and it, surprisingly, didn't sound bad. My graphic EQ offered some tonal control.

I also tried it with my ancient Harmony H400a. However, that amp can't be pushed hard and I browned out the power tube. Up to the point of finding it's limit, it sounded pretty cool.

If someone needed an incredibly light, portable, or temporary setup, a $70 ($30 used) ART MP, a power amp, and a couple of pedals could go pretty far. I thought I'd pass it along as an idea for a backup or as an alternative for fuzz/distortion pedals. Also, it has XLR out and can go straight to a PA, but a tube power amp would sound warmer.
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