3 New Pedals From Boogie

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Re: 3 New Pedals From Boogie

Post by KiwiJoe » Wed May 07, 2014 4:27 pm

Dino. wrote:Again, you reference "gain setting" but my gain setting is ZERO. :?:
I'm playing through a Dual Rectifier on channel 2 / modern and use the TS9 to push the gain from the amp, not as a distortion pedal. If it helps, my settings on the TS9 are - Level=max / Gain= zero / Tone= 12:00. I have asked this question before and have received numerous contradicting answers from members of this board as well as the people at Mesa. I have no Mesa distributors in my area and YouTube videos show all of the new Mesa pedals used on clean channels so that's no help either. I really don't want to spend $300 on a pedal that I can't use so I guess I'll just keep the TS9. Thanks for your help.
Yeah, dude, I get it. Lots of people use "distortion" pedals, Tubescreamers in particular, to push their preamps. What I'm saying is that even with the gain setting on the pedal backed-off all the way, that does not mean "zero" gain; just the least amount of what's available. And what I'm also saying is that with the gain backed-off all the way on the Throttle Box or the Flux Drive, there is still going to be more gain at that "all the way off" setting than would be with the Grid Slammer's gain setting "all the way off". And the Grid Slammer is basically Mesa's take on the TS. So, if you're happy with the TS, there's probably nothing about the Grid Slammer or any other pedal that's going to make you any happier. Namaste :)
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Re: 3 New Pedals From Boogie

Post by mintzmeat85 » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:44 pm

[URL=http://s1163.photobucket.com/user/ ... .jpg[/img][/url]

We love 'em at the shop! The Flux-Five is my early favorite.

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