Pedals for that "secret sound"...

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Re: Pedals for that "secret sound"...

Post by allphourus » Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:03 am

For me the secret sauce is a wet/dry--dry--wet/dry set up with a bit or +01-01 harmonizer and aaprx 300 ms and 500 ms delay left and right from an Rocktron Intelafex rack unit. It's my sound I don't try to sound like what some one else has sounded like. I don't use modulation type effects much, burnt out on that back in the 80s, but I have a patch in my LPX 15 that is a chourus type effect modulated by the envelope generator in it , very unique sound of my own, used sparingly, as i said i get tired of modulation fast.
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Re: Pedals for that "secret sound"...

Post by jdurso » Mon May 06, 2013 1:04 pm

I have two... one is an old, very beat up Ibanez Soundtank Delay pedal. As much as I like fancier delays such as the Strymon and Eventide delays, this one just has a great tone and sits well in the sound of any amp I've ever paired it with.

My newest secret weapon is the Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master. This is THE BEST PEDAL I'VE EVER BOUGHT!!! I'm a reverb/dely addict and this pedal just has the best tone.
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