G.A.S. is good!

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G.A.S. is good!

Post by Markedman » Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:48 pm

Gear Acquisition Syndrome. To some it's a curse, some ignore it, a couple of folks never get it. Me, myself and I fight it as best we can but I need to get something different every once in a while to get my fingers bleeding again. My wife married me that way so she understands, plus I'm up $$$ in the G.A.S. jar which makes a lot of sense when you look at what I paid for stuff and what I sold it for. I'll take a loss here and there but I'll take that money and buy something I've lusted for. Then I'm back playing 4+ hours a day and wondering how I made music without that piece of gear. I really don't have that much stuff, about 5 great electric guitars, 5 great amps, a good bass and acoustic, decent P.A., great drum set so I'm not like some guys I know with literally dozens of guitars, drum sets and recording gear. I'm writing this because my 2015 set up is a dream ride - Newburgh Steinberger GR4 with a DD-1 and two hot rail pick-ups, all with coil splitter toggles, into a MXR phase 90, C.F.H. dimebag way-wah, Digitech whammy ver.4, T-REX delay into a Mark llC+ with a 4X12 EV loaded Mesa cabinet or 1X12 mesa open back with EV for small clubs. I fire up the other stuff every once in a while or loan it out. So for me anyway, G.A.S. is a good thing. (I think I might be interested in a Mark V25 sometime in the near future.)
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Re: G.A.S. is good!

Post by RR » Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Yeah, GAS effect everyone differently. On another forum, there was a discussion of musical equipment that was sold and would like to have it back. One member claimed during the 80's to the present he went through countless of amps, guitars, recording equipment, he'd flipped them and times he would miss a lot of gear. what's even funnier one time he miss one gear so bad, he saw one on CL and went to check it out, it was the same owner he sold it to - lol.

Anyway, he was not trying to brag but he went through at least 100 guitars and as many amps through this 30 year period.

For me, by the mid-90s, I stuck to what works for me, cranked up vintage sound amps and guitars. I don't care if they're the real-deal or clones. Metropoulos makes some of the finest Marshall clones. Allen Amplifier makes some of the best sounding Fender blackFace, Dr. Z's makes some nice sounding Vox-like amps. Reeves makes some of best copy Hiwatts.

There's so many beautiful musical equipment, but by the time you get in your 50's, you kind of focus what works for you, but that's my opinion.

what inspires me to keep play? Me going to YouTube and learn song I wish I could play.

So I now have "Smoke On the Water" (chords) and "Wipe-Out" down to a "T". - lol

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