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Hello Boogie Board Members

Post by Djentle_Boogieman » Thu Mar 25, 2021 8:10 am

Hello dear Forum Members let me introduce myself: I am Moritz, or as I'll be called in this forum the "Djentle Boogieman".

This name is a pretty illustrative description of who I am an my tonal and musical interests with a passion for both vintage guitar equipment and the related musical Santana, Al DI Meola and of course Petrucci-esque guitar tones as well as their capability to produce extreme modern extended Range metal tones like Johne Browne & Olly Steele from Monuments, Periphery, TesseracT etc...

I grew up with a father that introduced me to boogies when I was 13. He told me stories when he was a Roadie for Kiss building up huge walls of Marshall 4x12 Boxes that where empty with a single small boogie combo in the back miked up. I can remember hating the first boogie that I played, which was a Make IV I think in a guitar sore and I hated it. Not because it was a bad amp but because I was a stupid kid that had no idea who these precious instruments work.

It wasnt until I came in my late teenage years that I became interested in Boogies again because of the fantastic Chunky Rhythm tones and super organic singing and liquidy but still tight and bouncy lead tones of John Petrucci that I became interested again I boogie amps. I started to research and learn everything that could be learned about the mythical 2 C+ their "outdated" almost prehistorical design originating form Fender Amps with the Tone Stack pre gain Stage and the gain shaping capabilities you have similar to what modern guitarists achieve with a TS style boost pedal in front of the Amp, about the mythical 105 Transformer vs the Exports, Simul-Class vs class AB etc...

Nevertheless I never owned a Boogie until recently. I was very close about buying a Mark V in 2013 when I started to study Jazz Guitar for Music Teachers at the University of Graz, but a lot of things happened and I became a personal Trainer and Professor for Physiology and Biomechanics instead. (Complex Story) In these years I stopped playing guitar unfortunately and it wasnt until Mid 2019 that I stated renewing my passion for Music again and playing my Instrument.

It wasnt until last year Summer that I really owned my first Boogie which was a Mark V:25 a great small fire breathing Amp, but I returned it because it was malfunctioning after two days of ownership and I decided why not save a little more and get the amp that I really wanted which was a JP-2C.

After a long and unfortunate 9 month story (I also got a 2C+ modded Studio Pre in the meanwhile because the wait was too long) with mesa, having pretty much ripped off the music store I ordered an payed upfront my Jp-2C, selling amps that couldn't even be finished, sending a container with 70% of amps missing without telling us we are waiting for months in vain, I bought a precious JP-2C from an incredibly nice private Seller from Switzerland that's a boogie tone nerd just like me and that now became my friend :)

I am very happy to say that the Boogies I played are the equally sweet and musical as well as fire breathing beasts that can compete with any other modern amp specialized on extreme metal, and yess the do the Djent thing as well if you set the up right ;-)

I'd love to have conversations with you about tone needing, settings, tubes, comparison clips, reviews etc... and will try to share my experiences with you in future threads
JP-2C Limited Edition, Nr. 274 of 325
2C+ modded Studio Preamp

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