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Synergy Modular system
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Author:  bandit2013 [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Synergy Modular system

Not sure how I came across this but was checking in at sweetwater to see when the TC100 would be available. Then I found the Synergy modular system. Interesting. The dual slot preamp chassis can take any of the modules they provide. You can use the chassis with any amp to add more channels or drive a power amp in mono or stereo. They also have heads and a combo. I think I would be more into the rack mount system and couple it with a Fryette power amp or a Mesa power amp. The Fryette 2:90 using KT88 may be or the Synergy 2:50 can be used as a 50W stereo or bridge it for 100W mono. Cool thing about the Synergy system, it is midi controlled, each module has 2 channels so that would give you 4 channels. Check it out. Solando module, JCM800, Friedman, Morgan, and others. Not a new concept but at least it is more modern than what was done before. Power amp section was designed by Fryette amplification so would be cool in some respects.

Author:  screamingdaisy [ Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

The problem with modular preamp systems is that the power amp and speaker type/enclosure get a major say on the final sound.

Author:  bandit2013 [ Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

I would agree on that. I just found this interesting. I did not see any limits on what power amp that could be used. I am sure you could pair this up with a Mesa stereo amp. Considering that, I probably would have gone a different route if there were other preamps available currently than just the Rectifier preamp. A TC and Mark series preamp to accompany the Rectifier preamp would be cool but would probably be more complete if the power amp could run EL34 and or 6L6 tubes (progressive linkage system?) A mixer or preamp switcher may be also needed if one wants to blend or switch between different preamp sections. For the time being, I would rather blend different amps together than be limited to one power amp.

Author:  jnoel64 [ Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

I seriously doubt there would ever be a Mesa module, but that would be sofa king cool if there was. I have an old Carvin T100 rack mount tube power amp. If you leave it in stereo, you can run 6L6s and EL34s combined. But if you bridge it to 100 watt mode, then you have to use the same bias tubes. Synergy is bringing a lot to the table, here. Could be an incredible rig.

Author:  ned [ Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

There is a forum. I have the original Egnater version. There is a recto module.

Author:  bandit2013 [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

Perhaps I am hoping Mesa revamps their preamp lineup as there does not seem to be too much activity in that area, more models have dropped out. I would assume with any preamp you can use any power amp. Mesa, Carvin, or even the PA or house system if there is one available.

Actually the modular system reminds me of a guitar that came out long ago that had pluggable pickups. Interesting idea but limited. Not sure if it was a Seymour Duncan product or other. As I recall it was not all that attractive looking, also the Floyd Rose system was making its way into mainstream sometime in the 80's so that may have killed it as the modular pickups plugged in from the back side so that left you with either Kahler or a fixed bridge only.

Author:  jediguitarist [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

The synergy modules peaked my interest, too!

A Boogie module, dyna watt 20/20 power amp, 1x12 cab and my pedal board would easily fit in my front seat. :mrgreen:

Author:  ned [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Synergy Modular system

I think at one point there was a C+ module, maybe just a prototype though. Believe it was called the California Overdrive.

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