dead amp or something else?

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dead amp or something else?

Post by thinskin57 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:05 pm

i have a newly purchased, brand new, Orange Rocker 32. 40 minutes into playing it the sound got really thin and then i heard some crackling noises and then lost all sound.

upon viewing the tubes i could see that one of the four JJ EL84's wasn't lighting up. the tube didn't look like it fried but nonetheless i tried putting a different spare tube i had in it. this tube didn't glow either. it wasn't totally dark, just not nearly as bright as the others and i still had no sound. at this point i thought maybe i had a bad tube socket but when i put one of the known-good JJ's in it, the tube lit up just fine and the one that originally was suspected as blown didn't light up in a different socket so i figured it was safe to assume that the problem was indeed a bad/blown EL84.

here's where it gets strange- i had a spare quartet of sovteks from an old amp i used to own. they were old, but working fine when i took them out of said amp, but when i put them in to the Orange none of them got as bright as the JJ's and i still had no sound. the fuse wasn't blown, and i even checked the two internal fuses on the circuit board and found them to be okay as well.

i'm stumped. anyone?

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Re: dead amp or something else?

Post by treedroppings » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:06 am

take it back with receipts and a bad attitude! or take it out of the cabinet and use chop sticks to poke at the chassis co ponents at a safe distance if you hear noise then it might be that component you are poking at :lol:
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