I need help on a Matchless Chieftain...

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I need help on a Matchless Chieftain...

Post by Vogelsong » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:46 pm

Does anyone know what a 98 Matchless Chieftain might be worth in mint condition?
I have my 64 VV custom RI for sale on a couple of forums. I end up getting contacted by a guy that says he has a chieftain for an even up trade.

1. It sounds to good to be true.

2. He just joined the forum today just to respond to my add.

So right away I'm suspicious. So before I even waste time on this I want to know what one of these things is worth.

I really don't want to trade anyway. I want the cash for another amp, but if it's a deal I can't refuse and I can authenticate it as an honest deal I may end up doing it.

So what does one of these go for?

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Re: I need help on a Matchless Chieftain...

Post by RR » Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:58 am

So what happened to the deal?

I don't know the price of Matchless Chieftain but design wise, isn't it something like Matchless DC30 but instead of quartet of EL84s it has a pair of EL34s?

I used to like Matchless until Mark Samson (co-founder and EL84-Vox repair guru) was kind of squeezed out of the company when some millionaire bought the company.

I do like Bad Cat where he designed amps. Eventually he went on his own and started Star Amps. But from Star Amp buyer, he claimed these amps were more pre-amp gain than his former (Matchless, Bad Cat) designs. I don't know.

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