Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

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Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by sotosprince » Tue May 17, 2016 2:59 am

Hi everyone. I'm a happy owner of a greco les paul custom EGC 68 60 mint collection and I am now looking to buy a nice superstrat. I m using a mesa boogie mark III blue stripe and I m mainly into old 80's heavy sound. In a few weeks I'll be selling my old mesa boogie quad preamp and I like the idea of owning a nice strat guitar. I ve done some research and here's what I've found so far. Max budget is about 800 euros.
ESP M II - bolt on - found locally - 700 euros + hard case
1987 USA BC RICH STIII LIGHTNING SKY + hard case - 700 euros - friend of mine swears by it
USA-CS Grover Jackson Washburn MG-100 - '95 + hard case - 600 euros locally
1986 Charvel Model 6 kahler Made in Japan - 500 euros locally
and a brand new
Charvel Pro Mod SD1 2H HT SW - about 700 euros.

Now, I m not very keen of floyd rose, but I can live with that. I know that the new charvel san dimas are MIM but from what I've read they are of the same quality with the MIJ ones. Also, it's said that the neck of em is one of the best in terms of play-ability. I would be really grateful if you could give my ur 2 cents! Here are some links for the used ones.

Κιθάρες - Bc Rich USA 1987 St III Lightning + σκληρη θηκη
Κιθάρες - ESP M-ii
Κιθάρες - USA-CS Grover Jackson Washburn MG-100

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Style1HH FRG - Thomann UK
Charvel Pro Mod SD1 2H HT SW - Thomann UK
Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Styl B-Stock - Thomann UK

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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by Daxman73 » Tue May 17, 2016 8:42 am

I can assure you that the Charvel Pro-Mod SD are incredible guitars and I mean incredible. They are hands down the best playing guitars I've ever played. Period. Every time I pick it up I don't want to put it down. Now, I have a 2010 MIJ model, but I would think the necks are pretty much the same. I also own a 1987 Charvel Model 3a with the original Kahler replaced with an original Floyd and next to the San Dimas, it's the second best playing guitar I've played. Those early Charvels are sweet machines and built like tanks! Those would be my choices without hesitation, just my two cents. Good luck in your hunt.
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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by lowercasee » Tue May 17, 2016 9:10 am

Another +1 to Charvel. I don't own any but I have played a few over the years and I really liked them. Always wanted one but just never got around to it. Jackson is another good option, though you have to watch out for certain year ranges and models.

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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by ned » Wed May 18, 2016 8:35 am

+2 on the Charvel. Another option is a '80 Fender HM Strat. For some reason I've got a soft spot for those.

3rd option especially if your not into Floyd's and locking trems is a EBMM Axis SS with HSS config.

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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by MkIII Renegade » Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:45 pm

The Charvel Superstrat neck is simply legendary. I have four of them, 3 MIJ and 1 USA model. All incredible instruments and a much better value as players than high end Jacksons.
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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by 4koa » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:01 pm

I'd have to say in that price range the Charvel's are your best bet also

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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by bandit2013 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:40 am

Charvel is at a great price point. However I have moved onto custom guitars. Carvin now Kiesel makes some really great guitars.

I have two Bolt C (strat type guitar with Floyd Rose). One has a black limba body with maple top, the other is alder with maple top. Incredible fret action.
Both are SSS format. I am using Seymor Duncan mini humbuckers at the moment. Had tried lace sensors but prefer the SD.

As for my favorite Carvin in the group is the CT624C (also has a Floyd rose). I used to dislike the Floyd Rose bridge that I have tried on many other guitars as I was a Kahler fan back then. Now it is all Floyd Rose. Carvin/ kiesel use the real deal, not a licensed form (except for the 7 and 8 string versions but that was suppose to change to OFR.) Generally they use the German made version but I have one that is Korean made and it is just as good. I prefer the MIG over the MIK.

They are definitely worthy of trying out..... I bought my first on Ebay, the Second one I ordered and I love both equally, as much as my other Carvins (now have 10 of them but different models).

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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by bjorn218 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:48 am

If you haven't made a purchase yet do not rule out old square heel ibanez rg's. Japanese jacksons are also killer instruments as well as great value. The reissue charvels are nice as are the reissue kramers but never got on with the head stocks on Kramers.

You mentioned super start, but aren't Super Strats essentially comprised of Strat shaped bodies with larger horn spread as well as deeper cutaways, normally a locking tremolo, and hot pickups. That's always been my understanding. If so the only real super Strats are Jackson Soloists, and the Ibanez RG. With the Jackson Dinky being a bolt on slightly smaller bodied Soloist, and Ibanez Jem being a modified to Steve Vai specs RG. All other brands/models are either Modded Strat copies, or based off Strat design. The key to a super Strat is the exaggerated cutouts for the horns of the body which makes a super Strat.
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Re: Looking to buy a superstrat - advice need

Post by bandit2013 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:27 am

I did not realize the post was two years old. Oh well. There are a few superstrats out there now. I was considering getting another Carvin bolt C to add to my other two. Superstrat, yes. I have one with hot rails loaded in the pickguard and the other has the everything axe set. As of late, I do not own any other brands other than Carvin or Kiesel. I did recently buy a Fender Dave Murry Stratocater, I should have it in a few days. Not really a fan of Fenders as I do not like the cheesy bridges they use. Figured I would look for one with a Floyd and bingo. Sweetwater had a few. Then there is the ESP version too. Kiesel has a few of them. First time I have seen the Jason Becker model. The Greg Howe model has been out for a while. I should have considered them but got the Fender instead. I think it was the compound neck radius.



I am a Carvin fan to some extent, that would also apply to Kiesel.



I ran though the builder on the GH3 model, cost comes out to $1574, I used the basic build of the Fender so no top wood was selected but I did opt for jumbo stainless frets and Royal ebony fret board. Coulda shoulda woulda, Perhaps next time I will go the Kiesel route. The Fender cost a bit less $1024 and was immediately available. Tax return is just around the corner so may get another Kiesel (have one, the others are Carvins).

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