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How many guitars are a "collection"
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Author:  Rider1260 [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How many guitars are a "collection"

More than 2 ( Main and backup ) then its a collection :)


Author:  afu [ Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How many guitars are a "collection"

MkIII Renegade wrote:
I think 5 easily clears that hurdle. Bonus points if you have 5 guitars with no duplication. I've never understood exact duplication unless perhaps you are a well known touring artist and you have a certain signature look that you like to maintain...

Maybe not exact paint and year of a particular brand, but I could see duplicates for different tunings. I used to want SGs in three tunings. After the neck settles, I don't want to do a new setup just to play an open tuning for a few days.

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