Looking for a new guitar (LTD MH-1000 ?)

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Looking for a new guitar (LTD MH-1000 ?)

Post by Xombie2000 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:38 pm

Hi all, after 8 years with my PRS custom 22 white fat neck I'm looking for something new. I was just looking for something with a thinner neck, 24 frets and a Floyd Rose. Well I think Ibanez has wonderful necks, they are too thin for me. I tried Schecter's, played Gibson's in the past, but not the new PRS S2 series. Only hold back with the ESP are the active pickups. I haven't played actives in almost 20 years so what is the battery life like these days? I did try the EC – 1000 and thought the neck felt good but it was a satin finish so that kind of threw me. GC Has a very gracious return policy but they don't carry this guitar in stock normally. I have not made up my mind and would like some other suggestions.
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