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Post by YellowJacket » Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:56 pm

Mexican Fender Strat sunburst / rosewood board S S S from a friend of mine. Cool guitar and very different than the other axes I have.
This thing is blues personified. I wanted to get something for recording that was way different than my usual fare of high output, contemporary voiced humbuckers. S S S in a stock strat IS drastically different.

Cleans are amazing. LOVE them.
The pickups are noisy but not as bad as I thought.

The dirt tones are different than I'm used to. Very VERY dynamic and honest. It's taking a bit to get used to but I love how raunchy and articulate it gets under higher levels of gain. If I sit just right, my body blocks the hum which is great for recording. Having fun!! And my wife only hassled me a bit. Christmas money for a dirt cheap new gitbox. What's not to love.

**Update** I forgot to post a NGD for my schecter diamond series custom shop bass. Another beautiful find on kijiji. I got it for almost nothing because nobody else was shopping for a 5 string. It literally sat for months.
I love the M J pickups and it's got a cool tone with lots of beef. The scale length is extra long and yet the action is stupid low and it's really quick.

Doesn't record NEARLY as well as my P-Bass but I love the extra B string and I almost prefer it live.

**Update II** This fall, I got a pfrezschner bow for my cello. It was a bigger expense which was offset by selling my old one. The bow is way more precise, fast, and honest. Think going from a line 6 amp to a mesa boogie. It's putting demands on my playing to be sure.

That's everything!!

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